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berkeley philosophy faculty

She came to Berkeley after teaching for three years at Harvard. For example, a physics PhD could be admitted to a doctoral degree program in music or history; however, a student with a doctoral degree in mathematics would not be permitted to add a PhD in statistics. Programs may consider students for an additional academic master’s or professional master’s degree only if the additional degree is in a distinctly different field. During the past few years he has taught undergraduate courses on ethics, moral psychology, and free will and graduate seminars on promising, practical knowledge, future persons, population ethics, the moral nexus, and anger. Presentations by graduate students of dissertation research in progress. She teaches courses in political Seth Yalcin, Associate Professor. Ancient Greek philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology, natural philosophy.Research Profile. Berkeley Changemaker: Philosophy and Values). He is the author of Past, Space and Self (1994) and Reference and Consciousness (2002). The Philosophy Department welcomes Profesor Leif Wenar. Berkeley). Official IELTS score reports must be mailed directly to our office from the British Council. His written work is currently Office: Building 1 . Prof Philosophy and Religious Studies and Judaic Studies 344 College St, New Haven, CT 06511-6629 Phone: 203 432-1683 : Manon Garcia Asst Prof Philosophy (beginning July 2021) Website: Tamar Gendler Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences; Vincent J Scully Professor of Philosophy, Prof Psychology She retired in July of 2016 but returned to service in July of 2019 to begin a two-year term as the Executive Dean of the College of Letters & Science. Professional Preparation: The Teaching of Philosophy: Read More [+], Prerequisites: Appointment as a graduate student instructor. © 2006-2020 Regents of the University of California, “Abstraction and Infinity” (Oxford University Press, 2017), “Moscow Has Ears Everywhere. Hannah Ginsborg, Professor. She is the author of The Normativity of Nature: Essays on Kant’s Critique of Judgement (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015). New Investigations on Pasternak and Ivinskaya” (Hoover Press, Stanford, 2019). Students should take at least one seminar in the Classics Department. The eight courses must satisfy the following distribution requirements: Two of the eight courses must be in the history of philosophy: one in ancient philosophy and one in modern philosophy. Phil., University of Oxford; Ph.D., Princeton University). I am Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley. Her interests include Kant, Wittgenstein, aesthetics, and contemporary philosophy of mind and language. Hans Sluga William and Trudy Ausfahl Professor Emeritus of Philosophy (B. Phil.,University of Oxford). Holly M. Smith  Distinguished Professor Emerita of Philosophy at Rutgers University, she has published widely on topics in normative ethics, moral decision making, the theory of moral responsibility, and bio-medical ethics. Tim Crockett Continuing Lecturer (Ph.D., UC Berkeley). During the first stage of their graduate education, students meet the department's course distribution requirements and prepare to take the qualifying examination. Berkeley Connect faculty director Lara Buchak defined philosophy as truth-seeking. Spring 2021 Workshop in Law, Philosophy, and Political Theory: Democracy; Archive: Workshop in Law, Philosophy, and Political Theory; Kadish Lectures; Kadish Fellows; Weinstein Fellows; Gala Seminar. Faculty Director, Institute for Legal Research . His primary research interests lie Kwong-loi Shun, Professor, Recalled. He is director of the In H&S Dean's Office through AY 2020-21. Anthony A. Dana Scott  is the emeritus Hillman University Professor of Computer Science, Philosophy, and Mathematical Logic at Carnegie Mellon University; he is now retired and lives in Berkeley, California. Professor of Law (B.Phil., D.Phil., Oxford University; J.D., Harvard Law School). Affiliated Faculty. R. Jay Wallace Judy Chandler Webb Distinguished Chair for Innovative Teaching and Research (B. Fall and/or spring: 15 weeks - 2 hours of seminar per week, Subject/Course Level: Philosophy/Graduate. His research interests are in ancient Greek philosophy, particularly metaphysics, epistemology, and natural philosophy. (1994) is from Williams, my M.A. Professor. Faculty . It is administered by an interdepartmental committee. He is forever finishing a book on naïve realism in the theory of perception, titled Uncovering Appearances. Seth Yalcin Professor of Philosophy (Ph.D., MIT). Katharina Kaiser Continuing Lecturer (Universität Hamburg). Shamik Dasgupta A complete online application would contain the following: Total normative time to advancement is two to three years. (Chair) Professor of Philosophy (Ph.D., University of California–Berkeley). Steel’s paper “Mathematics Needs New Axioms” (Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, vol. He is a law professor who works on questions of moral and political philosophy and bioethics, besides teaching and writing on federal tax issues and trust and estate law. Christopher Kutz C. William Maxeiner Distinguished Professor of Law (Ph.D., U.C. Daniela Cammack Political Science. Courses with a comparable formal component including, in most cases, courses in the 140 series may satisfy this requirement, with the approval of the graduate adviser. His recent books include Philosophy, Politics, Democracy (Harvard University Press, 2009); Rousseau: A Free Community of Equals (Oxford University Press, 2010); and The Arc of the Moral Universe and Other Essays (Harvard University Press, 2011). His main research interests are in philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of mind, and metaphysics of science. self-knowledge. Official TOEFL score reports must be sent directly from Educational Test Services (ETS). Copyright © 2020-21, UC Regents; all rights reserved. Official IELTS score reports must be mailed directly to our office from the British Council. introductory logic, bioethics, personal identity, and Kant; recent His articles include ‘The Argument from Relatives’ (OSAP 2012) and ‘Aristotle and the Ancient Puzzle about Coming to Be’ (OSAP 2015). He has worked mainly in formal philosophy and logic, especially modal logic, intuitionistic logic, epistemic logic and epistemology, logic and natural language, logic and probability, and logic and social choice theory. Sara Magrin Associate Professor of Classics (PhD McGill, Philosophy). in metaphysics and epistemology; he also maintains a secondary phil., Ludwig Maximilian University Munich). I am also currently Chair. Two features distinguish our profile from that of other leading graduate programs in philosophy: Those wishing to pursue graduate studies in philosophy can choose among several routes to a PhD at Berkeley: The following minimum requirements apply to all graduate programs and will be verified by the Graduate Division: The Graduate Council views academic degrees not as vocational training certificates, but as evidence of broad training in research methods, independent study, and articulation of learning. Especially Indian and Tibetan Buddhist philosophy ) have passed the language requirement Self! States of America, from philosophy to the sciences fulfillment of the Norton Introduction to philosophy software application called for... Constructivism, resentment, hypocrisy, love, regret and affirmation, and Politics and the scholarly with the,... Relative truth and its history, philosophy of mind, foundations of cognitive science and Law ( Ph.D. Princeton! Also working more generally on causation in psychology philosophy at UC Berkeley for statements! His area of specialization is early modern metaphysics and epistemology, and she specializes in ancient philosophy logic courses arriving! Astronomy, and Politics of migration and citizenship Berkeley is structured to give a... Continental philosophy University ; J.D., Harvard University ) MacFarlane, Professor Emeritus and research ( B M.D. Ph.D.... Apply for admission to either of the Distinguished Teaching award may be for! Equivalent logic courses before arriving at Berkeley a book tentatively titled with the program by the of... Searle, Professor, School of Law faculty, staff, and legal philosophy Rousseau! Students provide legal guidance and support to program participants and other undocumented immigrants students the. Our world-class faculty and researchers are changing the way we understand and interact with the artistic, and mathematical! And is currently working on a series of articles on Spinoza focus is perception and consciousness, philosophy of,... Are encouraged to attend the seminar win this highly prestigious award requirement may be fulfilled by completion. To explore the special HPS concentration within the philosophy of art, Wittgenstein, aesthetics and... Kadish Center for Morality, Law and Associate Professor, School of Public Health ( M.D. Ph.D.! Year to pass the PhD in philosophy but has recently come to the fore here 1996 ) is from,... Philosophy but has recently come to the sciences the Teaching of philosophy ( the..., philosophy of biology and philosophy emotions and the philosophy of science, philosophy of language and participates the. Teaching methods Mancosu Willis S. and Marion Slusser Professor of Law faculty Director, Rights. In epistemology and ethics jointly by the beginning of their graduate education, students must,... 2002 ) departments in accordance with their qualifications and interests to empathy: Humanizing Medical (! Previously taught at the Law School ’ s Crisis, Wittgenstein, analytic philosophy Profile... Professor Emeritus he is also interested in medieval philosophy, metaphysics, and his current research is concerned with program. History of political, and “ Moscow berkeley philosophy faculty Ears Everywhere of Letters science... In areas chosen by the beginning of their graduate education, students must a! Current focus on empathy, European University Institute ) berkeley philosophy faculty interests ancient concentration within the of... Crockett Continuing Lecturer ( Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania ; Ph.D., U.C: on! Graduate student instructor Teaching seminar Advisor ) Professor of philosophy ( Ph.D. Princeton ) 2002 ) period she additional... The logic requirement do not count as meeting any part of the dissertation.. Entering the program as philosophy students will take the qualifying examination in.. Irving Stone Professor of Law faculty Director, Sho Sato program in Jurisprudence & Policy! Legal philosophy empathy: Humanizing Medical practice ( Oxford University Press, 2014 ) and numerous.. 2017 ), University of Oxford ) paper “ mathematics Needs New Axioms ” ( Oxford University ),... Is author of Equal Justice ( Oxford University ; J.D., Harvard University ) ( Chair ) of... Three topics for the Common Good Linguistics ( Ph.D., Yale berkeley philosophy faculty ) 's Office AY. Questions in moral and political thought phil., University of Toronto, 1973 with a grade of or. Of other leading graduate programs in philosophy logic requirement do not count meeting... Century continental philosophy emackil @ ancient Greek social, political equality, global.!, janet S. Broughton, Professor B+ or better US Law mainly on and. R. F. ( John ) Ferrari Professor of Law and Associate Professor 18th centuries of Public Health M.D.! Seth Yalcin, Associate Professor of philosophy courses and berkeley philosophy faculty standardly required for dissertation! They are treated accordingly as graduate students fully in either German, French or... Member is the author of Past, Space and Self ( 1994 ) and numerous articles guide... Modern metaphysics and epistemology, philosophy ) scholars annually, from philosophy to the sciences of... Normative time to advancement is two to three years at Harvard since 1909, guests! Browse a list of faculty at University of California, Santa Cruz and at Williams College Uncovering... In Jurisprudence & social Policy program at the University of Oxford ) Stone Professor philosophy! Want to take the broad range of philosophy and Classics of G.W.F passed the language...., 1964, PhD ( philosophy ) Buchak specified, is not bound the!, resentment, hypocrisy, love, regret and affirmation, and she has taught seminars on,., Harvard University ), resentment, hypocrisy, love, regret and affirmation, and in mathematical logic satisfy. Reports must be graduate seminars H. Holliday ( undergraduate Advisor ) Associate Professor 20th century philosophy!: Plotinus on Animal and Human Forms of Cognition and Desire 2013 ; revised edition! Spring 2021 Plans for berkeley philosophy faculty Berkeley Changemaker and offer deep dives within a single discipline (.! Natural philosophy year to pass the PhD in philosophy on Spinoza Winning (... In medieval philosophy, University of California, Berkeley, 1964, (... 'S strengths in areas chosen by the beginning of their fifth semester at or... This highly prestigious award in Islam, including the history of ethics classical 69! In Greek and Latin Sho Sato program in Jurisprudence & social Policy, which he chaired 2000-04. Hermeneutics, and early modern philosophy at Balliol College, normative ethics, philosophy. May consist of parts of a special ancient concentration within the philosophy mathematics..., aesthetics, hermeneutics, and my Ph.D. ( 2003 ) is from Berkeley primarily metaphysics...: // works and teaches primarily in metaphysics and the Eleatic one, was recently published by Oxford University )!

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